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The Merca Federal Union

Several people seemed confused about the where, when, and why's of the political system which Bridges is part of. So I thought I'd write a bit about the Merca Federal Union and its history. [...]

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Collecting the cards – March 2016

Well, we've come to the end of another month! It's been a while since I've been "collecting the cards", so to speak, so let's do it now. Here's what's gone on this month that you might not know about: I went to the Dark Side of the Con show in New Jersey and met a lot of great people. I sold more custom flash drives at this show than at any other so far! I got three new [...]

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The Ace of Clubs is on pre-order!

You can pre-order The Ace of Clubs: Part 2 of the Red Dog Conspiracy now! Click here for all the current links. Plus, The Queen of Diamonds is on sale now in ebook form through March 5th for just 99 cents. So now what? I've got to get finished revising The Ace of Clubs! That will be the majority of what I do as far as writing goes between now and October, although I [...]

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How I got 50 book reviews on Amazon

I just 50 book reviews on Amazon! (actually, I'm up to 51) Authors asking about how to get book reviews, begging for book reviews, and so on, are fairly common out there. I did the same thing until I found out how to do it. Now I rarely ask for reviews, and they're appearing without me even asking for them! But it took me a long time to get to this point, and I'm writing [...]

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How to write a book review

Want to know how to write a book review for something you read? Well, it's really easy. Here's what you do: Write a couple of sentences about what you thought the book was about. Just a couple sentences. Don't tell the ending or give away spoilers. Pretend you're trying to get your friend to buy the book, and they ask "what's it about?" What did you like about the book? [...]

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The Great Villain Blogathon: Hannibal Lecter

This week, I'm participating in The Great Villain Blogathon (never fear, it's just this week) - and my contribution is to discuss one of the most frightening villains of all time: Dr. Hannibal Lecter. A brilliant multi-lingual psychiatrist, a consummate gourmet cook, an aficionado of the arts, Dr. Lecter has a horrifying secret: he's a serial killer who has his victims for d [...]

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