A bit of genealogy!

I got The Ace of Clubs to my ARC team and my proofreader, so I decided to play around a bit and show you the genealogy link between the characters of The Alcatraz Coup, leading up to The Jacq of Spades. I guess I have a bit of hobbit in me, as I love genealogies (as well as eating lol)

Roy’s father Acevedo Spadros II is now just a portrait on the wall, having been gunned down by his men long before the night Jacqui was sold to the Spadros Family. But I thought those of you who’ve read The Alcatraz Coup might like to see the connection between then and now.

I’ll have more charts for you as time goes on, showing Uncle Vinny’s descendants as well as little Donna’s. It might surprise you.

Since this chart contains spoilers for The Alcatraz Coup, I’ll just attach it here for you.


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Patricia Loofbourrow

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