Finding Your Book Review Information
On Amazon

After you've done a review, finding your book review information so you can share the review can be confusing at first, especially on Amazon.

There are billions of review pages on Amazon. A particular book might have tens or hundreds or even thousands of reviews on a dozen sites (each country has its own Amazon page), often without a real name attached.

Simply telling an author "I posted a review on Amazon!" might be as helpful as telling them "I live in Pittsburgh, come on over!" ;)

So authors need your help!

But once you know how to find your book review information, it's easy.

How to find your book review information on Amazon

There are a few things which you as a reviewer may want to keep a record of:

  • Your review page's link (also called the URL) and/or its permalink (I'll explain the difference later) - if you don't know how to give that to an author, click here.
  • Your review profile - if you've found your review's page and just need help finding your profile, click here
  • The review itself. Some authors ask for a screenshot, and you may want to take a screenshot or copy the text into a separate file, in case Amazon removes your review for some reason.

But how do you find your book review information?

1) Go to your review's page.

Amazon puts each review on its own page! But you have to find that page before you can do anything else.

But don't worry - there are several ways you can find that page:

* Look for the email Amazon sent you about your review

If you have the email Amazon sent you notifying you that your review was posted - this is different from their "thank you for posting" email - you can go directly to your review's page from the link in that email.

Sometimes that email doesn't make it to you. What do you do?

* Look on the book's page for your review

If you search within a reasonable time after you post the review, you may be able to find your review fairly quickly.

Here's the Amazon main page:

There are three places there you can find the book page:

  • do a search for the book title (or author)
  • since you've looked at this book before (you just did a review), it may still be in your browsing history
  • if you ordered the book, it'll be in your Orders

Click the link to your book and go to your book's page.

Once you're on the book page, here's how to find your review:

Click on the customer reviews links to get to the actual reviews.

Or you can scroll down to the reviews section. You'll see this area:

If you're on a desktop or laptop, you may see your review posted in the right column. Click on the review to go to your review page.

Found your review page? Click here to jump to the next step.

If you don't see your review yet, click the customer reviews link to see the reviews.

You'll go to this page:

You may see your review here!

Found your review page? Click here to jump to the next step.

If not, and you remember what star you gave it, you can click on the link for your star number and get to all the reviews with that star number. Or you can scroll down. Either way, you'll come to an area like this:

If you don't see your review, change the "Sort By" to "Most recent".

Click on the title of your review.

If you notice, each book review has a title, bold and in black. Find your review, then click on the title.

Congratulations! You found your book review's page! Woo hoo!

Now you can find your book review information.

Return to the top of the page

The term URL or link (these terms are interchangeable) means the address your review's page is on, like a house address - for example, the exact house in Pittsburgh.

The URL (or link) of your review is at the top of your review page. In the picture below, I've made an arrow to that page's URL.

If an author has asked for the link to your review, this address is what they want, so they can click and find your review page out of all those billions of reviews.

Copy and paste the link into whatever email or form you need to in order to send them this information.

Don't know how to copy and paste a link on your device? There are dozens of articles on Google as to how to copy and paste a link on any particular device.

Click here to go to Google (opens a new window, close it out to come back here)

The internet is different from a street in that sometimes addresses change. Because of this, many sites have a "permalink" provided so you can save the review address forever. If you need that, click the word "Permalink" to go to the review's permanent page and copy that URL instead.

Return to the top of the page

How to find your review profile

Sometimes authors - when asking for book review information - want to see what kind of books you like. This is helpful when choosing people out of a large list to review their books. So they might ask for your review profile.

What is a review profile?

Amazon gives every person who reviews something on Amazon a page of their own! This is called your review profile, and it lists all the things you've ever reviewed on your Amazon account.

Once you're on one of your review pages, your review profile is easy to find:

See that blue name link? If this was your review, that would be you!

Click that blue link on any of your reviews to go to your review profile.

I'll show you mine:

Copy and paste the URL at the top of your review profile into whatever email or form you need to in order to send it to someone.

Don't know how to copy and paste a link on your device? There are dozens of articles on Google as to how to copy and paste a link on any particular device.

Click here to go to Google (opens a new window, close that window to come back here).

Return to the top of the page

I hope you've found this article on how to find your book review information on Amazon helpful. If you did, please share it!

See more help for reviewers.

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