Cool Fan Art

How exciting! People have made some very cool fan art about my books.

A cool fan art video made just before The King of Hearts:


[shuffles and cuts cards, starts to deal]

Jack of Spades, Queen of Diamonds, Ace of Clubs, King of Hearts.

Dealer's bid, house rules. Do you call, or fold?

[collects cards, plunks down Joker with the Red Dog symbol covering it]

I'm all in.

FAQ on my fan art policy

I want to [draw/write/paint/vlog/etc] really cool fan art about your books. Is that okay?

Yes! I love seeing what people come up with.

If you want to make cool fan art of my books, I'm more than happy to showcase it here! I have a way for you to show off your visual art below.

Or in the case of video or music, you can just send it to me at

Can I sell fan art?

Please don't sell your fan art of my books without letting me know.

Here's why:

I would like to help you. I have a deal for you which I offer to everyone who creates for me, with licensing.

Since I'm not into needless drama, I would rather you contact me first and do it aboveboard than have the situation of angry fans emailing me about it.

Are you looking for any specific fan art ideas?

I'm not looking for anything! Make what you like.

I want to see your cool fan art!

Did you create something about my books? I want to see it!

After you describe your art, there is a place to add pictures or graphics if you like.

There is a 7000 character limit. Entries are moderated.

Please note that minors visit here: if you use this form, keep it clean and keep it covered.

If you have videos, music, or anything that doesn't fit on this page, email me at

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