About my covers ...

I have an announcement!

I have really enjoyed the work of the team at Damonza, and I appreciate the effort that Chrissy has put into the two covers I've bought from them.

However, I've had two problems:

  • I haven't had enough book sales to finance new book covers for the rest of the series.
  • That said, because the covers on the first two books are so different from the rest of the series, I've found that readers are becoming confused as to where the series begins. In a series like this, where it's vital to begin with book 1, I can't let this go on any longer.

So after some advice and a great deal of thought, I've decided to revert The Jacq of Spades and The Queen of Diamonds to their original covers for now.

I know many of you purchased the new cover paperbacks with the expectation that the covers would be updated for the entire series, and I apologize for any upset or inconvenience that might cause.

If you'd like to get one of the second cover paperbacks for your book collection, they are available in limited quantities here.

Thank you so much for your support of my series! I'm looking forward to sharing book 6 with you very soon.


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