Drawing Thin

What is Drawing Thin?

Drawing Thin is a noir procedural - a companion book for the Red Dog Conspiracy.

What do you do when playing by the rules means a child may die?

Bridges is owned by the Four Families. Constable Paix Hanger has advanced as high as he can.

A hard-working twenty-year veteran relegated to walking a beat in the worst neighborhood of the worst precinct of the city, Paix resents the crime family which rules his quadrant, chafing at the restrictions placed on him by his superiors "for his own good".

A boy who's a reminder of the son he might never have disappears. When one boy after another are found dead and the incompetent and corrupt detectives assigned to the case are unable to act, Constable Hanger takes matters into his own hands.

Drawing Thin takes place around the same time as The Jacq of Spades.

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