The Inventors

The Inventors are the head of the Inventors’ Board, a guild of scientists, tinkerers, and mechanically inclined folk who are involved with the development of scientific knowledge and care of the infrastructure of the city.

Each city-state of the Merca Federal Union has its own separate Board, rules, and duties, and Inventors from one city rarely converse with those in others. Doing so might risk breaking the city’s charter prohibiting technology inappropriate to the city’s cultural level, as determined by the Cultural Correctness Oversight Board.

In Bridges, this secrecy is brought to the quadrant level, to the dismay of the Bridges Inventors’ Board. Since a Family’s Inventor by definition knows secrets that a Family doesn’t want revealed, it’s considered rude at best and suspicious at worst to converse with another quadrant’s Inventor.

The Inventors’ Board in Bridges, therefore, is present in name only, and has not met as a group in decades.

Those wishing to become Inventors must apprentice with their local craftsmen in the area they wish to learn more about. Those with real skill who wish to move on must do so with the approval of their tutor, who connects them with a more skilled or specialized craftsman.

Craftsmen who apprentice with an Inventor directly are called Apprentices, and generally work for the Inventor until his or her death. Then the Apprentices choose an Inventor from their number. While the post of Inventor is the most highly honored of anyone in Bridges, the post of Apprentice is somewhat less so – Apprentices are known for emerging from their dank laboratories en masse for a night on the town, being brought back by the police drunk and/or disorderly.

Women rarely rise to the level of Inventor - as all Apprentices must leave their post upon marriage - although there have been gifted ones in the past. The Clubb Family’s current Inventor is both young and female, a true oddity.

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