The Kerr Dynasty

The Kerr Dynasty was a patriarchal hereditary monarchy which stretched unbroken from father to son from the completion of the city-state of Bridges in 1500 AC (After the Catastrophe) until its overthrow in 1799 AC during the Alcatraz Coup.

Inventor Benjamin Kerr (also known as the Inventor King) initially planned his ideal of a benevolent hereditary monarchy as “the perfect government”. Kerr wrote extensive plans for how a city-state was best run in his four-volume treatise, Above The Line, a copy of which can be found at the Federal Oversight Authority (FOA) Library at Hub. All copies in Bridges were destroyed during the Coup.

In his writings, the Inventor King included such things as the proper training of children born to rule, how to recognize which child was best fit for leadership, and how to identify and “eliminate” aberrant personalities before they became a threat to the smooth running of government.

For 200 years, Benjamin Kerr’s plans were followed meticulously. Trouble appeared in the early 1700’s under the rule of Kichiro “Kick” Kerr, who took the throne after his father and two older brothers died under mysterious circumstances. Prior to this, petition to the FOA had been made for a dual rule of the city between the two older brothers. It’s unclear whether the two brothers and father killed each other, whether Kichiro killed them, or whether their deaths were part of some outside assassination attempt against the Kerr dynasty meant to eliminate them all.

However, Kichiro Kerr is widely seen as an incompetent and corrupt ruler who neither kept to the rules his ancestor set forth nor taught them to his children. His grandson Taylor either did not see the menace Polansky Kerr was to the kingdom or was unwilling to remove his son to a place where he couldn’t seize power.

No one is certain what happened to Polansky Kerr's descendants after the Alcatraz Coup, but remnants of the Kerr dynasty are believed to live in the Pot still, destitute and mostly forgotten.

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