Lawyers in Bridges

Lawyers in Bridges are, like most living there, caught between several competing forces:

  • the interests of the Four Families, which often conflict
  • the paying client before them (which is likely to be backed by one of the above)
  • and in rarer cases, the desire to see justice done

A successful lawyer in such a city must be cunning, resourceful, and utterly ruthless when it comes to his (or in rare cases, her) own interests. And good lawyers don’t come cheap.

The training of lawyers in Bridges

A person wishing to become a lawyer must apprentice to an established law firm as a clerk. The clerk is given rooms on Market Center and a small stipend, at first doing menial tasks such as copying or transporting items.

Once the clerk gains the trust and respect of their mentor, he or she may be given specific assignments, such as preparing documents for trial. When the lawyer feels their apprentice is ready, he or she may raise them to the status of a junior associate, allowing them to speak in court.

Lawyers in Bridges may employ (although the situation is often more similar to indentured servitude) as many clerks as they wish to take on. The larger and more successful firms may have dozens of clerks at their disposal.

When a law associate becomes an independent lawyer is entirely dependent on the parties involved; there is no legal board or standard of ethics in Bridges, as there are in other city-states. Lawyers who offend a judge or embarrass themselves in court too many times tend to find themselves without work, so the matter usually solves itself.

Those of you wishing to hire an attorney in Bridges would do well to investigate the experience and reputation of a candidate before placing money on the table.

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