The Queen of Diamonds Audiobook

The Queen of Diamonds audiobook is available for sale now!

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Get it at Audible UK.

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If you click on the Audible or Amazon links, you can listen to the sample there. (You also get a sample of the audiobook when you sign up to my newsletter!)

Purchase it on iTunes.

You can also get The Queen of Diamonds audiobook on my custom flash drives.

My goal now is to get an audio MP3 CD (have had some requests for that).

Is there somewhere else you’d like to see the audiobook published? Let me know!

New to the series?

The Queen of Diamonds is the second chapter in a 13-part serial novel, the Red Dog Conspiracy, set one week after the harrowing events of Chapter 1 (The Jacq of Spades). 

Click here to get The Jacq of Spades audiobook, so you can get caught up with the story!

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