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The Ten of Spades

What is The Ten of Spades?

The Ten of Spades is Part 5 of the Red Dog Conspiracy!


If you’ve arrived on this page and have not read The Jacq of Spades (Part 1) and The Queen of Diamonds (part 2), The Ace of Clubs (part 3), AND The King of Hearts (part 4) yet, go read them before reading further.

From NY Times and USA Today bestselling author Patricia Loofbourrow:

The Ten of Spades brings you the fifth chapter of the Red Dog Conspiracy.

Be careful what you wish for …

After eleven years trapped in the Spadros crime syndicate, 23-year-old private eye Jacqueline Spadros is an independent woman, free to run her investigation business.

But her problems are only beginning.

Deeply in debt, Jacqui is in danger from both the rogue Spadros men calling themselves “The Ten of Spades” and the ruthless Red Dog Gang — who may be one and the same.

Jacqui is determined to find Black Maria, the key to the identity of the Red Dog Gang’s secretive leader. To survive long enough to do that, Jacqui needs a paying case.

The one she's offered may put her in the most danger of all …

Cover by Patricia Loofbourrow. Proofreading by The Well-Chosen Word.

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Want to catch up with the series? You can get all my current books on my custom flash drives (including the prequels), or just get the first three books in the Red Dog Conspiracy Act 1 box set!

Note: this is chapter 5 of a 13-part serial novel. While it’s not mandatory to have read chapter 1 (The Jacq of Spades), chapter 2 (The Queen of Diamonds), chapter 3 (The Ace of Clubs), and chapter 4 (The King of Hearts), I strongly urge you to do so before venturing forth.

Prefer audio?

I would love to produce The Ten of Spades: Part 5 of the Red Dog Conspiracy in audio for you.

When that happens is up to you!

Here's the Real Story

Audio narration and editing is extremely expensive (my audiobooks have cost $800 to $2000 per audiobook) and must be paid up front before the audiobook's release.

When you purchase an audiobook from anywhere other than my Gumroad store, I only get a small amount (it depends on the retailer, but can be anywhere from a few dollars to as low as a few pennies per book).

I have yet to break even on sales for book 1, although we're close. If I were to wait until I'd sold enough to break even on book 4, it would be many years before I could produce another one.

For The King of Hearts, we tried raising funds for the production costs via an Indiegogo and preorders, and were unsuccessful.

(I actually lost money when you take into account buying graphics for the wallpapers, which I thought would be a popular perk for those contributing)

This time, I'm trying something different: donations.

How will donations work?

All sales profits of The Ten of Spades ebook and print copies will go towards audiobook production. That means I'm not taking any profits on the book until we get the audiobook made!

When we have raised half the production costs via print and ebook sales of The Ten of Spades plus donations, I'll begin production of The Ten of Spades audiobook and put the audiobook on preorder.

*** If you would like to help this go faster by making a small donation towards audio production costs, click here to donate via PayPal.

Please mark that it's for The Ten of Spades audiobook so I can keep track. Your name (first name, last initial, and country) will appear on this site as a contributor unless you request to be anonymous.

3% there!
Claire L., USA - $1 * * * Anonymous, USA - $1 * * * Jennifer E., USA - $10 * * * Paperback pre-order profits, $49 * * * Hardcover pre-order profits, $15

Have other ideas as to what we might do? Contact me.

Thank you so much for your support!

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