What is Vulnerable?

Vulnerable is a 6000 word short story which takes place just before the start of The Jacq of Spades.

Eleanora Bryce faces prison for a crime she didn’t commit.

In the far future domed city of Dickens, no mercy is given.

So when Eleanora Bryce finds her husband dead at his own hand, she finds herself trapped between the truth and his mountain of debt. Eleanora faces debtor’s prison — or worse — unless she can find a way out of Dickens. But can she return to the city which ruined her husband and murdered her son?

suspense. Danger. Romance. A 6,000 word short companion story to the Red Dog Conspiracy steampunk crime fiction series.

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Cover design by Patricia Loofbourrow. Proofreading by The Well-Chosen Word.

What readers are saying about Vulnerable

"... reminiscent of tales from the Depression ..." - Holly L.

"complex and interesting lead and supporting characters that are very well drawn. Darn impressive in a story of this size."

"It truly reads like a novel and leaves you wanting more." - Benjamin T.

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