Xavier Alcatraz

First Mayor Xavier Alcatraz, by Benjamin Smother, 1817 AC. Composite image from promotional material for "The Man, The Legend" exhibit, May 1878, at the Lightner Memorial Museum, Hub.

Xavier Alcatraz (1768-1835) was the first Mayor of the city of Bridges.

Born to aristocracy in The Pot of Gold during the reign of Taylor Kerr, he underwent guard training and was inducted into the Palace guards in 1789 AC (After the Catastrophe). There, he received high marks and rose to become a personal guard to the monarch.

Six months after the assassination of Taylor Kerr by his son Polansky, Xavier successfully orchestrated a coup d’etat with the help of notorious crime syndicate head Acevedo Spadros I. This action later came to be known as The Alcatraz Coup. Shortly thereafter, Xavier Alcatraz was sworn in as Mayor.

While important historically, most experts agree that Alcatraz was merely a puppet, with Acevedo Spadros the real power behind the Mayor’s office. Xavier Alcatraz died under mysterious circumstances just days before his 68th birthday, and reports indicate his death was an assassination.

See also: History of the Spadros Family (found in The Jacq of Spades)

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